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Raising Girls, Raising Cheerleaders

I’m raising girls, and I want them to be cheerleaders. I’m not talking about the ones on the sidelines at football games. That would be fine too, but what I want goes deeper than that. Let me explain. Two years ago, I walked 60 miles for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day. For three days, the route […]

My kids saw so much this summer. I hope it sparked their curiosity and motivated them to do and see more.

Summer break fades as fast as childhood

Summer is fading fast. The temperatures are cooler, the days are shorter and school is back in session. I miss it already. I feel like I’m getting ready to hibernate for the winter–storing up food, getting out the mittens and preparing to stay in my toasty warm house during the cold, cold days. But this […]

irrational thoughts

Why I fear the chiropractor and other irrational things

I have really irrational fears about stupid things. You know, things like my air plane falling out of the sky, the garbage disposal turning on while I have my hand too close, tooting at the chiropractor. Seriously though. I’ve had this horrible neck pain for three weeks. It started in my shoulder and I assumed […]

I'm so excited to see my kids leave to go visit their grandma, but I'm immediately filled with worry. I'm sure it never stops.

While the kids are away at grandma’s house…

I’m sitting here counting the seconds until we leave to drop our kids off at my mother-in-law’s house for four glorious days. Days where not one will call me mom, or ask me to wipe their butts. Four days when I can eat dinner without having to get spoons (for eating steak nonetheless) or refilling […]


Creative ways to give money as a gift

  Is there a creative way to give money as a gift? I suppose cards are a classier alternative to the sly hand-shake money pass-off. If you want to get really fancy, there are money holder cards, that are specially sized to fit money. I’m always on the hunt to overhaul the way I gift […]


Replacing my well-worn sandals

I never intended to get every last penny out of my favorite pair of sandals, it just happened. All summer, my sandals have been falling apart. First a strap frayed. Then another strap completely broke and I was forced to cut it off. This week, the sole fell out. Despite some extra strong adhesive, they […]

busy bags

DIY Busy Bags keep your children entertained

Several weeks ago, a little girl we know had major surgery. Her two-year-old sister couldn’t possibly understand the magnitude of what was happening or why mom and dad would have to give extra attention to her younger sister. As a mom, I couldn’t comprehend how to help the parents, but I do know how to […]

The Frolic books from Sparkhouse illustrate some of life's troubles and give parents resources for having conversations with their kids.

Review: Sparkhouse Frolic books help start conversations

My daughter came to me recently and said that her classmate only plays with the same friends every day. She only asks the same people to help her pass out birthday treats. My daughter was disappointed that, despite her attempts to be inclusive, not everyone in her class is that way. My initial response (in […]


Breastfeeding Series: Final Thought – Reward Yourself for Breastfeeding

We’ve talked about clothes, pumping and storing milk and all of the weird places I’ve had to pump. And now to wrap up the series, I have one final piece of advice: Reward yourself for breastfeeding. If you are a full-time breastfeeding, full-time pumping, part-time nursing/part-time pumping mama, you are doing an amazing thing. This […]


Breastfeeding Series: Pumping Tips

The first time I opened up my breast pump, I couldn’t figure out where all the hoses went and how it was supposed to turn on and what in the world were those horn-looking things for? I was terrified of it. But with incredibly short maternity leaves, I needed to establish a hardy supply. By the time […]