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Clothes designed for breastfeeding moms changed my nursing experience completely. They made me feel collected and confident in myself. Here are some of my favorites.

Breastfeeding Week: Clothes for Breastfeeding

My go-to outfit when I was breastfeeding including a loose top over a nursing tank. This gave me the access to pump or nurse without having to expose more than I had to. What I wanted was something that didn’t feel like I was layering up and dressing only to feed my child. Thankfully, I […]

This DIY nursing cover is easy to make a provides privacy some moms need to feel comfortable nursing in public.

Breastfeeding Week: DIY Nursing Cover

One of the hardest parts of breastfeeding initially is maintaining a feeling of modesty in a very vulnerable situation. Before my second daughter was born, I made a DIY nursing cover and it really helped me gain a sense of comfort when breastfeeding in public. Shortly after my third daughter was born, my friend, who […]

Babies love milk! A good meal of milk fills their bellies and puts them into a deep milk coma.

Breastfeeding Week: Nursing is hard, here is my story

This week, I’m devoting my blog posts to my breastfeeding journey. It’s not a path I ever thought I’d walk, but it turns out, it’s a route that I loved and traveled down several times. I’m hoping that my experiences and breastfeeding advice can help someone else learn to love it too. When I found […]


Bob Goff: Live in Faith, Walk in Love

I wouldn’t say that I hold grudges,  but I definitely remember that one time that girl didn’t come to that party in elementary school and it hurt my feelings and there is no way I’m inviting her to my kid’s 1st birthday party. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve cared less about these things, but probably […]

It's National Letter Writing Month, which prompted me to look at letters I have saved, including this one to my daughter. It was written before she was even born.

National Letter Writing Month: The letters we save

Do you have any letters tucked away in a special place? I don’t often think about the letters we save, but when I do, they bring up so many memories. I have an entire box of letters that my husband wrote to me in our early days. I have the circle journal that I wrote […]


National Letter Writing Month: The Circle Journal

When I was about 25 years old, my best friend packed up her life and moved to Arizona. I wasn’t happy about it. We saw each other regularly. We texted constantly. We emailed often. And now she was moving across the country and likely, I wouldn’t see her for years. I needed to feel like […]

Communication in relationships isn't always spoken. This is my husband on our honeymoon, non-verbally telling me to put the lens cap back on the camera.

Relationship tips: Communication can be silent, just notice it

There was a moment right after our third daughter was born that I will never forget. Knowing everything I know now, it was a comedy. In the moment, it was one of the sweetest things I had experienced. While I don’t often dole out relationship tips, this is one I actually do want to share. […]

This recipe for lime chicken fajitas was easy to make and full of flavor to help me incorporate more protein into my lunch.

Lime Chicken Fajita recipe brings flavor to lunch

I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate more protein into my diet throughout the day, not just at dinner. I’m really great at having meat with dinner but the other meals, especially lunch, are my downfall. I need the protein to give me the energy to get through the day. When I came across this lime […]


National Letter Writing Month: Stocking up on Tools

National Letter Writing Month starts FRIDAY! I can’t wait. Besides making sure I’m loaded up on stamps for my 30 letters in 30 days, I’m also stocking up on letter writing tools to make those letters awesome. I recently received a writing kit from the Write_On Campaign and it was loaded with awesome goodies to […]


National Letter Writing Month: A Million Thanks

I am Facebook friends with a girl from high school who is married to an active military serviceman. He recently returned from the Middle East after about a year there. In that year, his kids grew several inches, moved to another grade, won soccer games, performed in band and choir concerts, got sick and dealt […]