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Zeppa Studios offers unique note cards for pet lovers

Two of my children have unique names. They will never find personalized items available from a random souvenir shop. Everything with their name on it will need to be special ordered. It’s like that with our dog too. A Newfoundland isn’t a common breed. If we want something that resembles our dog, we have to special order it. That’s why I was so happy when Zeppa Studios contacted me about their note cards for pet lovers–and they had several sets of Newfoundland cards. It’s National Letter Writing Month so they sent me a set to try out. Some of my friends will be receiving notes on these fantastic cards. And, thanks to a giveaway on Zeppa Studio‘s website, you can get your own cards in any breed you fancy.

Zeppa Studios sent me two sets of Newfie notecards. They are beautifully, hand-designed cards on a thick note paper, perfect for letter writing. If you go to Zeppa Studios website, you can find just about any breed. For the Newfs, there were black, brown and landseer. Most of the time, we just see one. Well, that’s like having a product designed for black labs and alienating those with yellow or chocolate labs! We like to see them all.

These are very well done. The big, boxy head reminds me of both of my purebred Newfies. The long tongue is totally spot on. When we take pictures of our black dog, the details just don’t shine through, but these cards are are so carefully painted and designed to preserve of the details of the Newfies.

My note cards even came with these adorable matching stickers.

While I got two packs of cards featuring a black Newfie, you can get your own set of cards for free! Zeppa Studios is giving away cards throughout April. And one lucky winner will be receive the grand prize–a custom digital pet portrait. How cool is that? So head on over to Zeppa Studios and sign up to win a set of note cards.

When you’re done, be sure to let me know which set of note cards you’d buy. Which one most resembles your pet?