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Yard Art-Florida Style

We are working on our yard, prepping it for summer. This includes putting out some “yard art” that my mom made or that I made off of things I found on Pinterest. It reminded me of my trip to Florida and all the crazy things I saw in the yards of the folks in the retirement community.

Fake flowers
Ah, Florida. Living the life with palm trees and fake plants in your flower gardens and around your house.

Painted dishes
Painted dish
What else do you do with your old Dish? Oh right! Paint a scene on it and mount it to a tree.

Yrad junk
Or you could fill your garden with as many little items as you can.

Bottle Tree
Bottle trees are popular in the south. I think this is actually sort of cute.

And finally…

Fake flowers in Florida
Take your real cactus plant and put fake flowers on the ends of it.

I’m trying to incorporate more yard art and interesting items into our backyard. I just hope someone doesn’t drive around and take pictures of my stuff and post them to a blog and mock their tackiness.

What sort of yard art do you have in your yard?

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