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Wordful Wednesday: For a week

We don’t get much time together as a family. My husband works six days a week and takes classes in the evening, so our time is scattered. But for a week, we were a family without interruptions.

For a week we were together

For a week, we saw cool things, like jelly fish in a river.

Playing in Mystic

For a week, we played with abandon, running in field, digging in sand and spending money to do things we don’t usually do.
Walking in Mystic

For a week, we walked together, hand-in-hand, sometimes little legs on big shoulders.
Ashlynn and Madison watching the belgua whale

For a week, we giggled over nature and things like penguins and beluga whales.
Touching sting ray (look closely, we are there)

For a week we stretched ourselves, doing things we don’t do every day, like petting and feeding sting rays.

Me and my lobster

For a week, enjoy every bite.

Rebecca, Jacob and Johanna on the beach

For a week, we enjoyed every wave.

Ashlynn throwing shells into the Long Island Sound

For a week, we enjoy every sea shell we found.

MJ, Madison and Jacob on the blugg

And for a week, we enjoyed every breathtaking view.

Because now, a week later, it’s gone. We are back to the grind. Back to a life of early mornings, air conditioning and walks in our neighbor.

We didn’t realize how much we’d miss the time together until we got back. We didn’t realize how much we would miss the opportunity to watch our children smile with every new experience, nap in the middle of the afternoon and just talk.

We are already counting the days until we can all take another break to be together…another vacation.