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Wordful Wednesday: Starting #findingmyvacation

Vacations are not something we do that often. And most of the time, they aren’t something we do big. This year, though, we are getting the chance to take two big vacations. This week is the first one. We are spending sometime in Connecticut with some family, a place I have never been.

The trip actually started for me yesterday. I flew to Manchester, New Hampshire to attend the Whipple Hill Unconference for two days. I actually like conferences, learning and generally being with other geeks, so I sort of feel this is park of my vacation.

Vacation isn’t something I’m good at. I always try to put too much time into making sure everyone is having a good time and that naps happen and yet to get to see everything we can. Then on the drive/flight/train ride home, I’m nothing but sad because it’s over and I never found that sweet spot. The place where I can physically and mentally relax and have a good time and actually escape from my brain. So this trip, I’m #findingmyvacation. I’m going to document our trip, write about it for myself (and you) and just enjoy myself. I’m going to find that sweet spot. At least I hope so.

Here are some pictures from the first day of #findingmyvacation.

Worth the wait?
I called it "pop" instead of "soda"
Phone booth
Jonathan Harris' photos are captivating. #whuc11

Watch for more posts as I spend time #findingmyvacation. To do so, search for #findingmyvacation or follow me on Twitter.

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