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Wordful Wednesday: Take a look around the Norwegian Sun

When we booked our cruise aboard the Norwegian Sun, the one thing I couldn’t even imagine was what it would be like to be one a cruise ship. What would it look like? Would I feel waves? Would it feel like a freight ship? Did I even know what a freight ship felt like. The answer to all of the above is no.


The lobby area
This is the grand staircase. They took a lot of pictures in this location.
The lobby area
The main lobby had several panoramic elevators. There were also regular elevators in the rear and bow of the boat. We used these from time to time just because they were fun, but really, the wait was often longer.
The reallllllly long hallway of Deck 9
This is the hallway of floor nine, where our room was. This is aft facing. The rooms on the left are no-window rooms, the rooms on the right are balcony rooms. On the lower levels, some are just portholes. Our floor also had suites and mini-suites. We had an aft-facing balcony room.
Our room from the bed.
Our aft-facing balcony room. We had a bed, desk, couch (that folded to a bed), bathroom and a nice closet area.
Jacob laying on our bed.
My husband, demonstrating the size of our bed. It was amazingly comfortable and the perfect size for the two of us.
Our room from the balcony
This is our room facing the other direction. There is a small dresser area with a safe in the cabinet above it. Behind that is a generous closet where we had plenty of room. To the right is the bathroom.
The toilet in our bathroom.
This is the shower. Be prepared for showering in a tight place. But, what I didn't expect was how great the water pressure would be. And the water was always warm.
Our bathroom sink.
The bathroom sink. There is a plug in the bathroom, but they ask you to only use it for electronic razors. A hair drier is provided and there are plenty of other plugs in the room for curling irons and straighteners. I didn't use mine this trip.
The shower in our room.
More of the bathroom. The toilet is in the lower right. It's almost like using a pseudo-portapotty, but not really because it uses real water, flushes and has pressure
Our balcony
This was our balcony. We had lounge chair, two sitting chairs and a table. One night we enjoyed crepes on our balcony and I spent a lot of time out there in the early morning reading.
Our balcony
The lounge chair on our balcony. On the way home, when the sun was to the back of the boat, we were able to lay out there and catch some rays.
Great Outdoors eatery
The Great Outdoors cafe. If you haven't figure it out yet, this was our favorite place to grab something to eat. We also liked to grab midnight snacks here.
Garden Cafe
The Garden Cafe was another favorite because they had make-you-own-pasta, which my husband loved.
Mexican restaurant on the ship-site of the anniversary reception
This picture was taken in Las Rambles during the honeymoon/anniversary dinner. We never ate here or anything though
Le Bistro restaurant on the Norwegian Sun
I took this picture during our anniversary dinner inside Le Bistro. Every restaurant was clean and well-decorated.

Of course, I’ve already shown pictures of the pool area and pictures from the ship’s deck on our first day.

That should give you a really good idea of what you will encounter when you hop aboard the Norwegian Sun.