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Wordful Wednesday: Exploring the Capitol

It’s been forever since I’ve just walked aimlessly, with the soul purpose of losing myself in a city, taking pictures and being alone, yet among others. I had the chance while I was at a conference in Washington, D.C. last week and it was a fantastic experience.

The White House
The White House.

The Eisenhower Executive Office Building
The Eisenhower Executive Office Building next to the White House.

More of me with the White House in the background
Me….with the White House

How does this happen and where is the other shoe?
How does this even happen?

I tried to push it over, but it's pretty solid.
It’s pretty solid.

I think I'll pick it up and take it home
I tried to take it home with me.

The Washington Monument and the Capitol from the Lincoln Memorial
The reflecting pool was under construction so it was just a dirt row.

The Lincoln Memorial
Honest Abe Lincoln

My favorite memorial, the Korean War memorial.

Korean War Memorial is so touching
More Korean War memorial

Photographing History
Me in the Vietnam Memorial.

Streets of Washington D.C.
Traffic in D.C.

Washington Monument
Washington Monument at night

White House at night
The White House at night.

Lincoln Memorial and Pearl Harbor Memorial at night
Lincoln Memorial and WWII Memorial at night.

Washington Monument at Night
Washington Monument

U.S. Capitol
The Capitol

Why are these are nearly every cross-walk in D.C.?
Okay D.C. people, why are there little aliens at all of the road crossings?

Ollie's, where I picked up a burger and fries
Ollie’s, where I picked up a burger.

Inside Ollie's
Inside Ollie’s, which reminded me of an old-school Five Guys. Mmmmm!

On my way back to the hotel.

It was an awesome burger!
D.C. at night, beautiful.

I had such a good time. I walked with abandon. I listened to my iPod. I cleared my head. I remembered how small I was in the world. And I think I should try and do it more often.