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Wordful Wednesday: Taking Control

In honor of Sept. 11, all of my posts this week will relate to the tragic events that changed the face of our nation 10 years ago.

These images are hard to see, but to me, they represent the desire of take control facing certain death.

I’m talking about the jumpers. These are the people who lept from the burning Twin Towers to the street below as the structures they were in were engulfed in flames. Trying to escape the concrete and metal that would ultimately become their tomb, these people looked out of windows to the people and streets below them and decided to take matters into their own hands. I’m sure some prayed to God as they plummeted. I’m sure some thought of their families at home. I’m sure some were in such a state of shock that they could do nothing but scream. At the time they had two options. Die in the walls of their workplace, killed by the terrorist that were trying to bring America to its knees, or jump. They didn’t let the terrorists win. In their minds. this was the only escape.

It shocks me every time I see the pictures that this is what they saw as the only way out. The only option was the crash to the pavement below. I wasn’t there. I have no idea what went on inside these buildings, and I thank God for that, but it must have been incredibly horrible for jumping hundreds of stories to be be more appealing.

My heart hurts for these people, even now. It breaks for their families who are able to look up these photos and recognize their loved ones.

It burns for what happened that day. The senseless act. The loss of life. The people scarred by what they saw that day. A nation forever changed.

Even my world. My little life was so altered by that day. I thought those types of things only happened overseas. They didn’t happen in a place like New York City on a U.S. aircraft. They only happened to other people. Not the innocent.

Now I think twice about that.

It happened here. It could happen to me. I pray for those who protect our freedom and us from the idiots of the world. I hope I never have to make a decision between dying in a fiery building as it collapses or jumping out of a window and I’m sorry for those who did. We will never forget what happened to you. We will always remember.

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  1. Hello!They diddnt choose to jump when you cant breade because of the smoke and fire, you move.It’s impossible to stay put if you can’t get air the instinct makes takes over.Theese poor people had no choice,to say that they jumped as if they had a choice is just not right.

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