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Wordful Wednesday: Caffeination Nation

It's only job is to get me through the day.

I know some people who can barely function without a cup of coffee in the morning. I know others who can chug back bottles of Diet Coke without batting an eye. Whereas I have two sips of anything caffeinated and I’m a buzzing, shaking mess of sleepless energy. But I’m still tired.

In the last several weeks, I’ve participated in two conferences and a week-long training session. My brain is completely fried. On Monday of the week-long training session, I decided to try and jump start my system with a little caffeine. Miraculously, I got through the day retaining most of the information I was taught. Tuesday, I decided to skip the caffeine because it’s not something I’m used to and I didn’t want to over do it. The day went about as normal. It probably helped that I was able to get an adequate amount of sleep on Monday night. Wednesday, I decided that a pop was what I needed. I found my favorite, Wild Cherry Pepsi, in the vending machine and took a few sips. By the time the break was over, I was actually feeling much more focused and awake. This could have been the caffeine, or getting up to walk to the vending machine. Now we are in the middle of the day, I’ve had about 10 oz of caffeinated pop, my teeth feel sugary, I’m typing at a slightly faster rate but I’m also wide awake and able to focus on the information.

This doesn’t mean this is something I will do daily, at least, I say that now. But it does give me hope for that days when I’m super groggy, having trouble jump-starting my day or feeling a little off. So, if you see me walking around carrying a caffeinated beverage, stay out of my way!

2 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday: Caffeination Nation

  1. That’s funny! I’m surprised you didn’t get groggy from crashing down from the sugar high…at least that’s what happens to me around mid-afternoon! 😉 I have to have my morning coffee, though, because I just can’t seem to function without it. 😉

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