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Wordful Wednesday: What is in my bedroom?

I liked my little theme week so much last week that I decided to continue it. I focused on my cleaning routineexercise routinedaily routinefood routine and my outgrown-kid-clothes-storage routine. This week, my plan is to focus on things in the bedroom. From crafts to tips, what happens in my happiest place in the house? Find out!

Our bedroom is pretty boring. In fact, it’s the one room in the house that has gotten no treatment at all since we moved in three years ago. It’s not really a place where we hang out or visit with people who it didn’t really mean much to have it painted and pretty. Now I wish it was painted and pretty, but we just don’t have the time! But I’ll show you around anyway.

We moved from a big house a few cities away to a much smaller house to minimize our economic footprint and save more for retirement and fun stuff. However, moving from that house meant giving up a master suite with two closets and a large layout to a much small room with a very tightly packed closet. It’s been a challenge, but we make it work. Hopefully soon, we’ll tackle the painting process and make our room feel a little more homey.
Yes sir! That’s our bed. All queen-sized mattress with a king-sized comforter of it. We like it. I have no complaints about the bed. Except maybe the old school headboard, but the rest of the bed it cozy and tall and soft and inviting. I love it.

This is my dresser. It’s got a few knick-knacks on it and my alarm clock. I also keep whatever I am reading up on the top, along with a book light. That way if insomnia strikes, I can just reach up, grab my reading and get in a few chapters. My booklight is sad. It doesn’t have hair, no. It’s wearing those pony tail holders because the clip broke and if it is open, the light stays on. Not good. You can see the paint swatches in the background. They have been there since January. I am no closer to picking a color than I was back then.

The socks? Oh, right, the socks. Well, they aren’t laundry that just didn’t get put away. My dresser is their permanent home. Why? Because my alarm clock gives off light and my husband can’t STAND it. Every night he pushes the socks up to my alarm clock to block that tiny amount of light that disrupts his sleep.


My sewing machine used to be in the basement but I moved it upstairs so I would use it more. Yeah, that didn’t work.

We sleep with our fan on. Our room is always hot, probably because we have a dog the size of a grown man who sleeps on our floor sometimes.

Ou runity candle….and kid toys. That’s our life.

Ugh. Embarrassing. Our overstuffed CLOSET!

Our TV. I love it, my husband hates it. I just like lying in my bed while watching TV. It’s just me place to retreat and escape to and a place where we don’t get the channel for Dora and Deigo.




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  1. TV in the bedroom is definitely a must for me, too. Good thing my boyfriend and I agree on that. You just gave me an idea with the tabletop sewing machine! Thanks.

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