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Wine stop five: Chateau Grand Traverse

Our camping vacation was in Traverse City, Mich., which in my opinion is the pretties place on Earth. The area is known for it’s cherries, clear waters, resorts and wineries. While we were up there, I took a winery tour with my brother and his wife and another couple. (Don’t worry, my husband and children were living it up at an air show.) We got a taste of each winery through their samples and atmosphere. Over the next few days, I’m going to share those with you.

Chateau Grand Traverse was busy! However, i still managed to buy several bottles of wine!

My final stop of the day was Chateau Grand Traverse. While my wine tasting buddies were heading on, I was reconnecting with my husband and daughters for dinner. I was hoping for a strong finish, however a really busy winery, a long tasting line and an overbusy server made it a little tough.

We arrived at the Chateau Grand Traverse and were immediately greeted by an enthusiastic employee who gave us a wine list and directed us to the back of the line. And what a line it was. Thank goodness we had several people in our party. We hopped in and out of line looking at the unique wine goods the store carried. From glass tags to glasses and corkscrews to wine displays, this place had it all. They even had shoes designed to hold wine!

After waiting in the line for a while, we were finally up. Our server was so busy, but no worries because Chateau Grand Traverse had oyster crackers and we were hungry. I tried several different wines, but stuck with the cherries because I wanted to pick up a few bottles of those regional wines.

Note: (Or maybe I should say warning.) Don’t go with the cherry sangria. I thought it was just me but others in my party agreed. I did buy several bottles of the National Cherry Festival wine. My husband loves cherries but doesn’t LOVE wine. I’m hoping he likes these bottles as just something different to drink.

I guess you can lead a man to wine, but you can’t force him to drink it.

Chateau Grand Traverse also had an inn on-site where visitors could spend more time exploring the area and vineyard of Chateau Grand Traverse.

Do you want to visit the winery? You can check it out at the Chateau Grand Traverse website or learn more about the winery and vineyard through its Facebook page.