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While I’m on my weight rant: Selena Gomez has body image issues too

I do not follow Selena Gomez on Instagram. Let’s just make that clear right now. However, I did see this picture of her circulating around the Interwebs this weekend.

Her caption included the hashtag #moretolove.

Now, she could have been referring to anything. Maybe “I’m wearing a one-piece bathing suit. More to love.” Or maybe instead of more to most, she’s going with more to love.

The die-hard, celebrity analysts have determined she was referring to her weight.


Where is there more to love?

Oh, does she mean that she has thighs and calves instead of twigs? Or maybe that she didn’t work out that morning so her breakfast Egg McMuffin was weighing in her belly?

I think she was feeling like every other female on the planet: She’s not good enough.

She could feel like she could be skinnier, she could be stronger, she could have a nicer bathing suit, she wants to be tanner, every one is looking at her, judging her, noticing all of her flaws.

But do you know what’s really happening? We are noticing her beauty: Things like her hair and her arms and her fit abs. Oh and the fact that she isn’t with Justin Bieber anymore.

So how are we any different? I’m not happy with my body, but are you all examining my cellulite and my fading highlights? No, because you are thinking about all the things that might be wrong with you that I could judge.

We’re all too busy for this. It’s all to exhausting. Let’s all just give it up. I certainly don’t care if your skin is a mess or your arms are flabby. I don’t care if you have knobby knees or cankles. I don’t care how much water you displace when you do a cannon ball. I don’t care if you can scarf an entire pizza or if you prefer tiny bites of salad.

Embrace what you are. Love yourself. And dive in to being comfortable in your own skin. I’ll be poolside cheering you on.