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What’s in my diaper bag: Baby gear I love and hate featuring the Homedics SoundSpa

mybaby HoMedics SoundSpa On-The-Go has been mildly worth the money.
mybaby HoMedics SoundSpa On-The-Go has been mildly worth the money.

While leafing through Babytalk a few months ago, I came across the mybaby HoMedics SoundSpa On-The-Go. I wanted it for my baby. I bought it a few weeks before she was born. I figured if I could start using it right when she was born, we could travel with it and it would help her sleep and bring her comfort.

So, how did my logic hold up? Well, we’ve been out of town three times in her short 12 weeks and I have yet to take it with us. She’s a pretty good sleeper on her own. However, when she was super tiny, I used it at our house in the pack-and-play and it seemed to help her stay asleep because it provided a rhythmic sound while I was cleaning and filling the room with noises that would jolt her awake.

This thing is about the size of my hand and clips to car seats and strollers. It plays a variety of sounds that babies find soothing. There is a heartbeat, white noise, songs and nature. The easy to use buttons make it quick to switch between the different options and turn the volume up and down.

Did I need to buy this? No. It’s certainly not a necessity. At about $10, it makes a nice add-on to a shower gift or new baby gift. It is a unique item that provides as much use as those little scented bags for throwing away poopy diapers or rubber duckies for the tub.

I bought this Homedics SoundSpa device on my own. I was not contacted or compensated in any way for this post. However, the post does contain affiliate links.