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Weighing In: Week 1

Well, nothing lost, something gained. At least, that’s how I’m looking at week one.

I ate so great most of the week, but my impromptu trip up north did not help the situation. We ate dinner in the car on the way up and it was essentially just PB&J on wheat bread. When we got up there, I had a few glasses of wine. The next day was mostly good, until I had some marshmallows over the camp fire. And by some I mean four. Saturday, all bets were off. I had Frosted Mini Wheats, a club sandwich, ranch dressing, a baked potato, wine and an ice cream. Ouch. Sunday was no better with a family dinner out at a Mexican restaurant.

During the week, I was feeling great. I was barely using any sleeping medication. I felt like I had energy. I was actually feeling like some weight might be coming off. Though, I didn’t weigh in because I fear my reaction if things aren’t working out the way I want.

Exercise-wise, things were okay. I worked out on the elliptical three times last week and did some ab work-outs. The thing was someone needs to follow me around, because I’m pretty sure the gardening, cleaning, vacuuming, baby-lifting, dusting and kid-chasing that I do all day has to count for some calorie-burning. Plus, with those responsibilities, sometimes I just don’t have time to get on the elliptical machine, the Wii Fit, Yoga or workouts.

I definitely have more work to do. I need to find a good routine that works for me and I need to stay on the good eating habits even if I road-trip it out of town.

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