Pre-Cruise Diet Self Improvement

Weekly Weigh-In: Former self

I barely recognize me
I barely recognize me

Last week I felt so confident about the pre-cruise diet/workout stuff I was doing. I felt like things were moving in the right direction. The scale hasn’t started to tip in the opposite direction (why the face?) but I could see a difference in the mirror. I felt confident. I felt ready for my cruise.

After I started noticing a difference in the mirror, I was pretty content. Someone I work with pointed out that I’m average and most of the population is over average…or even WAY over average, and I really shouldn’t worry about it too much. I’ll fit right in on the cruise. That’s probably true. Not to mention, my clothes were starting to fit better and I actually wanted to work out every day because I wanted to keep it up. I was sneaking in the treats here and there but not overdoing it. But then my mom stared at my stomach one day and mentioned cutting down carbs and my husband said the words “butt” and “cellulite” in the same sentence. Set back, set back, set back.

Then this happened.

Now, that’s me on the left. I get that this picture was taken with a cell phone, in a store, in a mirror while I was bringing ear muffs back in style (Or at least Charming Charlie is trying to), but who is that? Why do I feel like I look so HUGE in that picture?

I’m trying to convince myself it was the lighting, phone, etc, but let’s be honest, I’m not working hard enough. I’m currently at a conference where my breakfast choices are pastries and hard boiled eggs. There are no healthy options really. Plus, aside from walking all around Washington D.C., I haven’t been working out. I have to get back to it when I get back to my own house. I only have 30 something day until we get on the boat.

I just can’t give up sweets. That doesn’t help. I need to replace my sweets with fruit. Now if only there were some fruit at this conference. No, I’m not kidding, it’s really bad.