Pre-Cruise Diet Self Improvement

Week 2: Two Down

I’ve lost two pounds.

I feel slightly defeated because I feel like when I’m really working on it, I’m doing great. But I did have one Pepsi, one ice cream cone and one Three Muskateers bar this week. And man do I want a caramel apple, chocolate chip cookie and some Gobstoppers. Can’t those all be calorie free?

I’m still weighing in at 136 lbs, which, aside from pregnancy, is still one of my heavier weights ever. And I’m feeling it. I have really bad plantar fasciitis and it’s really been acting up when I walk around barefoot, or even with shoes without support. I have two theories for this increase in my pain. First, I’m either getting too heavy for my body and it is telling me to lose weight OR I’m working out more but not stretching enough, which is causing my feet to become more irritated. I haven’t gone without shoes since Sunday (whoohoo, two days) and I’ve been stretching before bed, which helps.

Speaking of exercise. While the weather is still nice, I’m trying to make it more appealing. On Wednesday, I rode my bike, pulling my children in a bike trailer, to the park. We ran around and played there for a while, giving all of us a good workout. Two days later, I went on a really long bike ride around the area, capping it off with a ride to a local park to pay at the spray park there. Then I had to ride back. It was quite the work out.

I like riding my bike. I think, mostly, it’s because I’m forced to unplug. I can’t talk on my phone. I can’t text. I can’t e-mail. I can’t even really hold a conversation with the kiddos because they have a hard time hearing me. I just listen to them talk to each other and sing. It makes the bike ride go faster, too. Now I just need to figure out the best way to get more exercise and incorporate the fun stuff. I’m actually considering a dance class. Hmm. That could be interesting!

I just know that elliptical machines are boring. Yes, I get to read, and that’s nice, but I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much when I step off of it. I’m just tired.

This week, my goal is to keep the good eating habits (with some deviation tonight when we make cookies for some friends who are moving), keep incorporating exercise and also to increase my water consumption. What are your goals this week?

One thought on “Week 2: Two Down

  1. We’ve been working out lately, and my favorite time passing trick is listening to podcasts. We also bought a scale which I’m kind of dreading. I hate that feeling of defeat when you work hard and don’t see the numbers drop.

    My goal is to work out six times this week and avoid the massive candy bowl in my office.

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