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Wedding Week: My friend got married

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Husband and wife-on our wedding day.

I distinctly remember a moment at my wedding when I took it all in, when I knew this was our moment and everything was as it should be.

I was behind our head table, walking across the riser on my way back down to the dance floor. It was later in the evening. Everyone was dancing and having a good time (at least I hope). We were married, fed, caked-up and danced. I was still wearing my dream dress and the veil with the tiny rhinestones. My feet were sweating inside my slippers. I had to pick up the heavy dress to move down the riser and back down onto the floor.

After looking around the room at my family and friends and looking down at my dress and my new shiny ring, I reminded myself that this was our wedding, our day. We wouldn’t get another one. I reminded myself to make it all it could be. And in that moment, I was totally content. It was perfect in my eyes. I didn’t need to miss the planning or anxiety as we got close to the date. I wouldn’t need to miss the feeling of getting to be the bride. I was married. I had my groom. I had my dream day.

At first I wasn’t sure this would be the case. What would happen after I went to another wedding? Would I wish we had done things differently? Would I wish I could be the bride again? Could I truly be happy for another couple if I was jealous I couldn’t look as good in my wedding dress as she did in hers?

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We shared many secret looks and glances throughout our wedding.

Vain, I know. But let’s be honest, it’s reality.

However, I surprised myself.

I go to weddings and think of my own special day and how I was feeling.

As I was setting up the hall for my friend’s wedding, I didn’t want to text her to ask questions. I wanted her to be the bride and not worry about anything–the way my day was.

I thought about how I felt at the salon. I thought about how much fun we had doing our make-up together and how anxious I was to put on the dress. I remember the feeling I had in the back of the church, standing there alone with my dad–wishing I could figure out a way to break the killer nerves that were mangling my mind and stomach as I gazed out into the church with more than 200 people who came to see us joined. I remember the small whispers my husband and I shared at the altar. The relief when the ceremony was over and I made it without fainting.

I reminisced about the limo ride to the hall, dancing with my husband, cutting the cake, doing the Hokey Pokey with my new brother-in-law. And feeling like a princess. I remember the hand-holding, small kisses and glances my husband and I shared all night.

Those feelings are something that can’t be replicated, they belong only to us. And on that most special day, each couple makes their own memories like that. I’m just happy that they invite us to be apart of it. And I’m thrilled for the opportunity to think back to my day, and while it was nearly six years ago, it still feels like yesterday.

So what is your favorite part of a wedding?

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I loved being able to lead the dances at our wedding, even if my husband doesn't dance.

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