Vacation in Punta Cana: Bahai Principe Food is Amazing

Every five years, my husband and I take a big trip together without the kids. There have been little trips here and there fora night or two, but these trips are week-long, no-cell-service and many-many-adult-beverages-consumed sort of trips. If you’ve been with me a while, you’ll remember we did a Norwegian Cruise in 2011. This year, we headed to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

This post is all about the restaurants where we dined at the Luxury Bahai Principal.

I’m going to break this trip down into several parts and I’ll add in the links to the categories once they are all posted.

Flight to Punta Cana
Resort–Bahai Principe
Our Room
Flight home from Punta Cana
Things to do
Things I learned
Our day-to-day

So read what you want, skip what you don’t, but know that all of these opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way.

We were very excited about the food. Our favorite part of our cruise five years ago was the all-you-can-eat aspect. We were able to try lots of new things, which is what we hoped for this trip as well.

Breakfast and lunch were mostly eaten at the resorts buffets. It worked out really well for us as we could each get the things we wanted. While I typically went with scrambled eggs and bagels, my husband was able to get made-to-order-omelettes a a plate of bacon. We usually ate later in the morning, just because we weren’t usually up and moving out of our room before 9 or 10 a.m. We had nowhere to be except the beach or the pool so we took our time moving around.

Poolside sushi was always a great afternoon snack.

As we ate so late, we typically didn’t need lunch until later, or we’d get by with a snack. The bar at our pool offered sushi, which we had several times for lunch. Once we ordered room service and took it down to the pool and another time, we had lunch at the Ambar  adults-only pool. They were grilling sausages, chicken and pork along with sides.

Our dinners were generally a bigger deal. Each night, we went to one of the a la carte options. For Privilege Club members, these were all included and all available, so we went for a variety. It’s worthy to note that we ate between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. each night. Our dining was set up by the Privilege Club in advance. All we had to do was show up.

Dinner at the Bahai Principe's Brazilian Steakhouse. Red means, "I'm all set." Green means, "Bring on the meat!"
Dinner at the Bahai Principe’s Brazilian Steakhouse. Red means, “I’m all set.” Green means, “Bring on the meat!”
Dinner at the Brazilian Steakhouse at Bahai Principe.
Dinner at the Brazilian Steakhouse at Bahai Principe.

Night 2 – El Rodizio- Brazilian-style dining

We’ve been to a fantastic Brazilian restaurant in Detroit called Texas de Brazil, so we were very excited for this experience. It was sort of a let down.

It was slow. The meat was slow to come around and the guy making the signature drinks never really made it to our table. There was a large party there at the same time and the meat and drinks were constantly running out at the table and then returning right to that table. However, once we got on a report with the waiters, we figured out how to get good food.

The idea was that the buffet of salads, pastas, fruit, cheese and desserts was completely open and available. On top of that, guests were given two cards, a red and green. When we were ready for meat, we flipped it to green. The servers would come around with skewers of meat and we could opt to take some or not. We had some great prime rib, grilled turkey and chicken.

It wasn’t as great as I had been hoping, but it was still pretty good.

Night 2 – Don Pablo-French Dining

This was our anniversary dinner. While not on our anniversary, it was the restaurant where we would be given a cake, etc. as we celebrated.

This was not on our first  choice list, but when it came up on our itinerary, we decided just to go with it. We had French food on our cruise for our anniversary, so we just figured it was a thing with us.

Bahai Principe's French restaurant is where we celebrated our anniversary.
Bahai Principe’s French restaurant is where we celebrated our anniversary.

For appetizers, I had a goat cheese and apple dish. It was great. Jacob had a duck dish and hated it, but he was able to change it out for a mushroom dish.

For dinner, I had the lobster confit. It was the best decision. It was really good. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Jacob had a beef dinner and enjoyed it. We had a cake afterward to celebrate our anniversary. It was pretty good, with a fruit filling. We were quite stuffed afterward.

While not expecting to like this restaurant, it was pretty good. And I’d eat the apple and goat-cheese appetizer all day long.

Night 3 – Garden Grill Steak House

My husband loved his steak. I had tenderloin and realized that I made a mistake giving up red meat. I miss it so!
My husband loved his steak. I had tenderloin and realized that I made a mistake giving up red meat. I miss it so!

This dinner was fantastic! Probably because we are just hard-core steak fans.

Like all of the other restaurants, this one had a soup/salad bar. We were starting to learn the staples in what we liked and didn’t like. And we were still upset that there was no ranch. I mean, Punta Cana or not…it’s RANCH!

I had the beef tenderloin, which came with a potato and veggies. Jacob had a strip steak. We both enjoyed the dessert buffet because, well, Punta Cana.

Night 4 – Mikado Japanese Restaurant

It was a little weird to eat Japanese food in Punta Cana, but I suppose we could feel that was about Brazilian, French or even the steak house. This one just felt the most out of place for some reason.

We started with some tempura and sushi, miso soup and then on to the show cooking. Everyone received chicken, steak and shrimp, along with the veggies. I had specifically requested to have white rice instead of fried rice and they accommodated, despite the fact that it seemed like an odd request to them.

Once dinner was over, we were ushered into another room for dessert. As I had never had it before, I had fried ice cream.

Japanese show-cooking.

This meal was great, but the environment was odd. Like any other Japanese restaurant I’ve been to, we sat at a table with others were didn’t know. Most didn’t speak English. However, it felt rushed. They were trying to get us through that portion of the meal and move us over to dessert as quickly as possible. I’m sure these were timed meals as they were able to get as many reservations through as possible.

Night 5 – Tex Mex Santa Fe

This was my husband’s last choice. He doesn’t enjoy Mexican or Tex Mex food the way I do, but I had requested it so he added to the list. This was the direct opposite of how we left the restaurant.

Again, like all the others, there was a buffet salad/soup/appetizer bar. That was the best part of the meal. I found so many things there that I enjoyed.

We both ordered the steak fajitas and I was just not impressed at all. The seasoning was just not right for the dish. My husband ordered fajitas, but found he could make amazing nachos at the salad/soup/appetizer bar, so he ate most of his meal from there.

This was probably our worst meal, form my perspective. I’m not sure if another dish would have made it better or if we should have opted for another restaurant.

Night 6 – El Pescador – Mediterranean

I was really looking forward to the Tex Mex, but it wasn’t what I expected.

This may as well have just been called seafood. It was one of my favorites.

My favorite part of the meal turned out to came from soup/salad bar. It was fish soup. Basically, it was chicken noodle soup, but with fish—probably cod.

I had some type of lobster dish again, which was good. Neither my husband nor I can remember what he ate, but we know he didn’t like it. He wanted to stop at the buffet on the way back to our room and get spaghetti. He had it for lunch one day and loved it.

While El Pescador wasn’t our top pick, I enjoyed it, even if he didn’t.

The food. Oh the food. Much like the cruise, I’m sure I came back heavier. I didn’t weigh myself because it was vacation and a chance to try new things. Not to mention, it was probably loaded with sodium and with all the alcohol I was consuming, it was no doubt I was retaining water. I’ll just pretend all the walking helped balance it out.

Luxury Bahai Principe offered a big variety of restaurants and we took advantage of as many as we could. We liked all of them, to some extent, and found all of the food to be totally worth it.

Vacation in Punta Cana-The Food