Pre-Cruise Diet Self Improvement

Up six

Today we are 24 days away from our cruise. Twenty-four days away from bathing suits, skirts and shorts. Twenty-four days away from pictures of me in those outfits. And what happens? 146 lbs. Yup, a gain. How did this happen?

This has hit an entirely new level. I am now at my highest weight ever. And I am scared. Why am I gaining? When will this end? How heavy will I get? I have a not-so-stellar-family history of heart issues, cholesterol issues and high blood pressure. This weight gain isn’t doing me any favors.

It isn’t about a little pre-cruise diet anymore. This is about my long-term health.

I have some theories behind my inability to lose weight that go further than “I’m 30 and my metabolism is slowing down.” I am on two types of medication that in and of themselves cause weight gain. Two. So it might be a double-edged sword, they are helping me conquer my anxiety but they are putting my health in jeopardy. In addition, I mentioned that my diet and exercise were sort of rail-roaded by the conference I was at last week. I also didn’t shred myself with Jillian Michaels.

But six pounds?

I can’t give up, and I know that. The diet and exercise can only help me fight the gene pool. The exercise can only help my anxiety. The stretching can only make my plantar faciitis feel better.

So, I guess it isn’t a total wash.