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Unwanted Mail

Just say no to magazine renewals.
Just say no to magazine renewals.

I have several magazine subscriptions that come each month. I received Real Simple, Parents, Redbook, Family Fun, Working Mother, Good Housekeeping and one other one about organizing and living that I can’t name right off hand. I love them all. I’ve renewed some of the subscriptions so long that they still come in my maiden name. However, they are starting to go unread. I need to learn to say no.

Most of my free time is now dedicated to writing and working out as part of the pre-diet cruise. Plus I’m dedicated to reading and commenting on more blogs, I have two children, I’m starting another project and I like to watch TV sometimes. Phew. So sometimes, the magazines pile up for a few months before I actually get to them. I hate it.

Then the reminder cards started coming. It’s time to renew. With some magazines, it’s a no-brainer. Real Simple and Working Mother give me lots of great ideas. I like Family Fun and Parents as well. But what about Good Housekeeping and Redbook? Is it time to cut bait? Is it time to not renew.


I guess I could always buy it on newsstands (cold sweats, cold sweats) or read it at the library (hmm, cheap alternative, but then I’d have to find time to sit at the library). I think it might be time to stop the extra delivery from hitting my mailbox each month and making me feel guilty for wastings everyone’s time in getting me my copy of the publication.

However, as a journalist, I feel it’s my duty to support the printed publication industry. I love the gift ideas, website suggestions and contest entries. I love the feel of magazines in my hand. I love the idea of magazines.


What about you? Do you have magazine subscriptions? If so, what are your favorites?

3 thoughts on “Unwanted Mail

  1. Aww, I used to get a few in the mail, but when I decided to stay home, that was a luxury we couldn’t afford any longer. I don’t miss them, surprisingly. When I know I am going on a long car ride, I always treat myself to one new mag. And I hate those renewal notices. I still get them and it has been several months since we’ve gotten any new mags! I have a girlfriend who gets People and always shares her copies with me…I could never justify buying the celeb gossip mags, but when I get them from someone else, I relish in every article! They might be outdated, but they’re still a fun guilty pleasure once in awhile.

  2. I’d be happy to start a magazine pool for people who want my discards!

    I want People magazine so badly, for the same reason, but I just can’t believe how much it costs!

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