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Turning 35 in Florida

This year, I had something on my birthday that I hadn’t had in almost 30 years.











That is not just a cake. That is a cake from my grandma at her house in Florida. And it was on my actual birthday.

As a kid, my grandparents would head out west or to the south shortly after Christmas, missing my mid-January birthday every day. No big thing. I wasn’t hurt or scarred by this, it was just life.

With a house in Florida, my grandma still travels to the Sunshine State for the winter, leaving right after the holidays. Well, this year, as I was day dreaming about visiting her in the sun, I found really cheap tickets. Like really cheap. So cheap that it cost less money for my husband and I to make the round trip flight than a night in a nice hotel and dinner. The bonus: The flight there was on my birthday.

It was a late afternoon flight so by the time we got to her, it was about 9 p.m., but believe me when I tell you that I enjoyed that cake, that hug and the next few days as I spent time with my grandma, my husband and eventually my mother-in-law and her mom as well.

The trip was too short, as they always are. The weather could have been better, but at least there was sun. I miss it already, which makes me so thankful that I had the opportunity to go in the first place.

And to think that my anxiety almost kept me home.

Just like that, I’m 35. But at least I got to celebrate with my grandma, in Florida, with a cake (oh and a ride in my husband’s rental Camero). I don’t think 35 is going to be that bad.