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Trial and Error: Displaying holiday cards

I get strangely excited about the mail. I love receiving it, sending it and checking it for the surprise of what might be in that little box by the street. But you know, the US Postal Service is struggling. People complain about the price of a stamp. They complain about the two days it take for a letter to cross the country. We have to save it!

Tomato cage converted to display holiday cards.
Tomato cage converted to display holiday cards.

A friend of mine has decided to help support the US Postal Service, she’s going to resume sending out Christmas cards this year, something that she has put on hiatus for a few years. We always send out holiday cards. I love doing it. And this year, I’m getting my cards from Tiny Prints.

In recent years, I’ve looked for ways to display these cards. Our house isn’t very big and we don’t have a mantle or anything to line the cards up on. Here are some of my favorite ways to display my holiday cards.

I really liked the idea of the converted tomato cage that I got from Family Fun magazine. This photo is from Family Fun magazine. In the case of mine, I ended up having my husband cut the pointy edges off the top. I used the some green fabric to cover the entire tomato cage and then clipped the cards around it.

This is an adorable way to display the cards, but you have to have a place to set the card holder. As I stated above, my house is small. I didn’t really have the space. I’m not sure if there are varying sizes of tomato cages, but maybe that’s what I need. A smaller cage might be a better way of displaying them for me. We get lots of cards and I like having them all out there to look at.

Christmas card catalog
Christmas card catalog

Another option is a Christmas card carousel, which was also an idea from Family Fun magazine that I have tried in the past. Using a spiral-bound notebook, glue the holiday cards to the pages and fan the pages out so that the cards can be seen and flipped through.

I’ve tried this one and I really liked it. It was small and compact and I was just able to set it on a table to displayed the cards. I could flip through it or not. The best part was that I could put it away with the rest of my Christmas decorations to save for the next year. It’s not that I like to display them again, but I do like to pull them out and look at the pictures the next year. It’s crazy how much people change! Because it’s so small, it fits in the boxes without taking up too much room.

The only con is that while this one looks all nice and neat and even, mine never did. The cards come in so many sizes today that some were really small and some were really large so that neat, organized look didn’t always come through. I like when things like this are uniform.

I’ve actually used this concept for other things, most notably, postcards. My oldest daughter likes to collect them and putting them in something liek this allows her to look at them, but consider that once you glue the postcard on the back, you can’t read what was written on it, so it’s a lot better to use blank post cards.

So, what method will I be using to display my holiday cards this year, you ask? Or maybe you don’t, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

This year, I plan to use the giant candy cane that I found, also in Family Fun.

My holiday card display for this year is another from Family Fun.

I don’t plan to make mine quite as tall as it is here, again–small house. However, I think this concept will work really well, plus my kids can be part of pinning them up on the candy cane and I can hang it in a prominent spot in our house so we’ll still be able to take in all of the cards as we enjoy the holiday season. I’ll post a tutorial and pictures as we get closer.

Now I just need to get my holiday cards. I plan to get them from Tiny Prints this year. Usually I try to make my own, emulating something that I saw on Tiny Prints. Somehow I convinced myself that hours in front of my computer with Photoshop, screwing with ink and fighting with the paper was the “less costly” way to go. Uh, no. First, it costs me my sanity, and then it costs me the same amount as ordering cards when you factor in paper and ink.

Tiny Prints has so many choices for holiday cards. I haven’t narrowed down the one I will send out to our family and friends, but I’ve always done photo cards and this year will be no different. As our kids grown, I like to make sure their pictures go out, especially to relatives we don’t see very often. They can get a snapshot of what my kids look like when they are well-rested, groomed and smiling nicely for the camera.

We also include a newsletter of our year to update our family and friends on what we have been up to. I’ve been contemplating excluding this to save a little more money on paper and ink, but one year when I mentioned to some friends that I considered getting rid of the newsletter (our’s is laid out to look like a newspaper) they said it was now our family’s trademark and we just “have” to keep doing it. Ah, first world problems!

So, what do you think you will send? How do you usually do your holiday cards? Who do you send them to? What was your favorite card that you’ve sent out in the past?

Just for your information: I was compensated for this post by Tiny Prints but the opinions, words and thoughts expressed here are completely my own.