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Thyroid verdict

As I wrote a few weeks ago, something is funky with my thyroid and I had to have an ultrasound. The results came back last week, and after a little more testing, I have some answers. Sort of.

My ultrasound results made me feel like I had a giant goiter of a thyroid filled with nasty cysts.

The results came in late on a Monday evening when I was sitting in a confirmation module with my daughter. I know nothing about thyroids or thyroid function so I was trying to discreetly Google just to try and surmise that I wasn’t dying. And that wasn’t working out for me.

It said things like mildly enlarged, multiple tiny cystic nodules, other modules likely benign.

Oh, likely benign? Sure, that makes me feel good. Why are there cysts? What is it enlarged? Can I feel it cutting off my trachea?

But overall, it said I needed another ultrasound in a year.

Deep breath.

Until the next day. My PA said he’d feel better if we got a little bloodwork just to make sure that my thyroid was functioning correctly. If it wasn’t, I’d need to see an endocrinologist. If it needed to be explored more, I’d see an ENT. I figured we had time. I figured I’d go to Florida for Thanksgiving and worry about it when I got back. Maybe I could just get it done when I was in for my pre-surgical check during the first week of December.

But no. The PA told me he wanted me to get it done ASAP. Way to raise the anxiety level just a tad. So, I made my way to the lab that afternoon for some bloodwork. Thankfully, it was back within a few hours.

Compared to last year, I wasn’t sure my thyroid was functioning well. But, this is why I’m not a doctor. My PA sent me a message and said the function looked good, go to Florida and we would re-examine this in a year. Maybe sooner if there was any concern.

I’m still going to see if I can get the spine surgeon to hack off anything suspicious while he’s in there (I kid), but he was really adament he wouldn’t the last time I asked.

So, while there are no final decisions on what’s going on, and there is going to be follow up, right now, I can move on. It’s one less thing I have to worry about right now.