The MOMcon 2014 Anthem

The MOMcon 2014 Anthem

“Be You Bravely” written and performed by Amena Brown
Music by DJ Opdiggy

You start the day

With a few moments to pray
A few seconds for thank you
Before the chaos hits
Before the minutes get spent on playing all the roles you play

This great God
Gave you one of the most important jobs
To help mold and shape your little birds
To build a nest
Until they learn to fly on their own

On any given day
You are mom, wife, doctor and nurse
Counselor, CEO, “let mommy see where it hurts”
Coach and referee
Disciplinarian, chef, event coordinator
Accountant and creative
Teacher and attendee of tea parties
Many days
You are a supershero with no cape
Just flats, jeans, sneakers, and yoga pants
Ready to answer the mom signal at any time

You are also a woman
A feeling, breathing, thinking, dreaming woman
Motherhood may have brought you a few extra curves
But it also taught you the power of words
Of knowing your limitations
Of finding strength and resting in weakness

That you are more than your morning routine
Or all of the thoughts that invade your mind before you try to sleep
You were made for adventure
Not the kind where we put on a brave face just to save face

In the face of insecurity and laundry and worries
God wants you to find the courage to be yourself
To remember the calling and the dreams
To remember the seeds he planted in your heart
To remember it only takes one step to start

To remember out of all your roles, hats, jobs, titles

You are first the daughter of an everlasting father
Who holds your hand at the precipice of all of life’s steep hills and dangerous cliffs
Who when the wind is whipping at your ears
And your mind is filled with can’ts, won’ts, and should I’s
Reminds you that he’s with you

He is the one who makes you brave
He is the one who helps you face the day
Gives you strength
Gives you permission to be weak
Gives you the boldness to speak
A quiet place to breathe
Ears to hear the heart
Eyes to see the dreams

We all long to be rescued
But we are not Lois Lane searching for Superman
Or Gotham on the look out for Bruce Wayne
The hero we live for has no flaws
No weakness
No kryptonite
He is love, mercy, and sacrifice

Conqueror of death
Creator of life
The Hero of all heroes
The inventor of time
He is with you
You are not alone
He wants to walk with you daily
So today, take a step

Be you, bravely.