Book of the Month Eliminating the Unnecessary Self Improvement

The few who came before

I’m happily married. Let’s start by saying that. But I always think about couples who had marriages or long-term relationships that just couldn’t make it. Kim Kardashian and her 72-day marriage. Katie Perry and Russell Brand. My old friend who seemed to have the perfect relationship. What went wrong? How did this happen? Maybe it’s the journalist in me, but inquiring minds want to know! How can we keep that from happening to us!?

In his book “Why We Broke Up,” David Handler, author of the Lemony Snickets books, is writing from the perspective of a girl who is telling her boyfriend why their relationship ended.

I’m reading it, and I want you to read it with me so we can discuss it!

I found this book on Amazon’s January Book List and I was intrigued. From the description, it seems like the letter that every ex-girlfriend wants to send her ex-boyfriend, who thinks the reason they broke up was because he watched too much sports on TV, when in reality, she felt he was more prepared to make a lifelong commitment to a quarterback than her, a girl who had stood by his side for years.

And no, that example has not happened to me.

Truly. Strangely, no one I’ve ever dated has been that wrapped up in sports.

I downloaded the Kindle version of the book yesterday and just read the first paragraph before my Kindle’s battery decided to take a little rest. And there are illustrations. I love when books have cute illustrations! This seems like the perfect pick-me-up for the mid-winter blues that have set into my life. I hope that you decide to read along. Once a week, I’ll post some questions and comments about the book until we get all the way through it.

If you want to purchase a copy of the actual book or the Kindle edition, you can get it from Amazon. I’m sure other book stores and your local library will carry it as well.

Just so you know, reading is one why I make time for myself and therefore, I’m chalking this up to part of my resolution to Eliminate the Unnecessary.