The day of the barbeque

Mother’s Day. The day when hanging baskets of flowers sell more than ever, more cards are mailed than any other day of the year (thanks for that factoid Seinfeld) and the day when almost every house on the block fires up the grill. I thought the introduction of the warm weather caused this phenomena, but I’ve decided it’s because dads are in charge of dinner.

Mother’s Day, for me, is not about the gift my daughter’s want to buy me, it’s about spending time together, and maybe not having to change all of the diapers for the day (though, for the record, I think I have changed them all so far). Today, we took on a landscaping project. I dug up all of my plants so we could put in some landscaping brick. It’s all very technical (not really) and leads to better drainage around our house and (hopefully) a dryer basement when we get to the spring thaw next year.

As I was outside, digging up day lilies and sifting through the dirt for my tulip bulbs, I smelled food grilling from every angle. Hot dogs, ribs, chicken and steak. Yes, I know it’s nice out, but typically, men love to grill. And if these households are anything like mine, my husband is actually handling the dinner cooking.

So what are we having?

Well, I stopped at a local fruit market this morning and picked up some shish kabobs. Grilled veggies. Meat. And I cut up some potatoes for my husband to grill up for good measure. Tasty!

I’m hoping to fill my belly with some good food, take a little rest, eat some ice cream and then spend some time relaxing and hanging out.

What’s on your grill tonight? And if not grill, what did you eat?