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Thanking the teachers

Gifts for the preschool teachers

So, how do you think the people who have helped support your child’s education and taught her more than you can ever imagine? I don’t have a great answer for that, but this is what I came up with.

I sell Thirty-One Gifts (wanna have a party?) and this month’s special was the All-In-One Organizer Tote for $5 for every $31 spent. Cool. I had some bags to order for another occasion (spoiler: this story will be coming up soon) so I knew I’d spend enough to get two of the All-In-One Organizer Tote, which is what I need for the teacher and the aide.

I picked out the new minty chip pattern, but opted not to get the personalization because I don’t know these women outside of the preschool classroom and one of them is retiring, so I’m not sure TEACHER was appropriate.

I found some tumblers at Rite Aid on sale and some summery candles for a good price. I also found some summer-style napkins in the Dollar Spot at Target. I stuffed the cups with some lemonade drink packs and called it a day.

This can’t possibly re-pay the teachers for all the amazing things they have done with my daughter this year and the way they have helped her grow into such a great little girl. They have laid a solid foundation for her kindergarten education next fall.

And now I shall go bawl my eyes out as I have a child old enough for kindergarten.

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