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Tagg tracker keeps tabs on pets

Our dog Lucas.
Our dog Lucas.

This is our dog Lucas. He likes to play this little game where he runs down the road at top speed when we open the door. Even if we are getting ready to get in the car. Even if we have food. He bolts. Most of the time we are able to catch him before he gets too far, but he’s gotten a block down the road before I’ve gotten to him. While he stays in our fenced in backyard most of the time now, the new Tagg device with service through Verizon Wireless could help us keep tabs on him.

The Tagg device provides a GPS location of your dog from a small sensor on the dog’s collar. I received one to try and this is my experience.

You will need a credit card to activate the device. Three months of service are included with the device, but what that, it’s roughly $8 a month for the monitoring. The service provides text messaging when the dog is outside of its home area, when the devices battery is dying and anytime you request an update. If you want to see where your dog is, just use the Tagg app to pull up a map that displays the beacon coming from the Tagg sensor.

The Tagg pet tracker base unit.
The Tagg pet tracker base unit.

Setting it up simple. The web-based activation tool outlines the step for assigning the device to a pet, outlining the pet’s home area, and providing information on how to charge the sensor and attach it to the dogs collar.

Using the provided buckles, I easily clipped the device to Lucas’ collar. He was completely unfazed. I placed the base unit in our kitchen. Lucas wore the collar for several days. I was worried that the battery would die and I wouldn’t know, but around the fifth day, I received a text message telling me the battery was low.

I also hit the “Page” button on the base unit from time to time throughout the week. I would receive a text message that would read “Lucas: I’m near the home docking unit with 20 feet…” of our address. Given the size of our yard, the size of our neighborhood and the flight risk of this dog, it was reassuring that we could find out if he was nearby.

The Tagg pet tracker sensor that goes on the pet.
The Tagg pet tracker sensor that goes on the pet.

Lucas didn’t escape from the yard during the time I was testing the device. However, if he had moved beyond the radius surrounding our house, I would have received a text message. I could use the Tagg app to pull up a map and see just where Lucas was.

It’s not just about your pet’s location. The Tagg can also monitor the dog of cat’s activity level throughout the day. By using the Tagg online dashboard, owners can see how much exercise their pet received, when it was most active, how active the pet became and archive the information for comparison or to share with the vet.

I’m not home during the day. I’m not sure what our dogs do all day, but I assume they spend a good portion of it snoozing in the sunshine that streams in from the doorwall.

The Tagg pet tracker display from a smartphone.
The Tagg pet tracker display from a smartphone.

When I first learned of the tracker, I thought there was no way I’d pay $8 a month for it. Now that I’ve seen it work, my tune has changed. For a dog that is constantly taking off and exploring the neighborhood, or a cat that lives outside, this device gives you the peace of mind that your pet is nearby and safe.

The device is water resistent, durable and made of molded plastic. It contains no rough edges or areas that might harm the dog.

For more information on the Tagg tracker, visit the Tagg website.  There is a Frequently Asked Question section that answers just about anything else you might want to know.

And now, the fine print. I received a Tagg unit for review purposes. While I used the device, I was not in any other way compensated for my review and the words and opinions here are strictly my own. 

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