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Surgery Eve Eve – Prepping for ACDF Surgery

Have you ever see Eloise at Christmastime?

If you haven’t, you’re totally missing out. It’s a cute story. The who plays Eloise is great. It’s fun.

Eloise at Christmastime

My favorite part of the movie is when she wakes up and realizes that it’s the day before Christmas Eve and she declares is Christmas Eve Eve. Well, today is surgery eve eve. Oddly, I’m not as excited as Eloise.

There has been a lot of movement this week as you might expect. On Monday, I got a call telling me to get my COVID test on Wednesday. On Tuesday, I spent a half hour on the phone with the registration person going through my meds, prep, and then searching for the last ECHO I had on my heart seven years ago.

Today, I went to the hospital to get my COVID test. It was super efficient. They had a drive up line just for surgery patients so we could get in and get out. It’s a no-news-is-good-news situation. So, if they don’t call me in the next 24 hours, I don’t have COVID. I have no reason to suspect that I do.

Side Note: I’ve had some brutal influenza swabs. BRU-TAL. So I was expecting this could be uncomfortable. The midwife (yes, she said she’s a midwife doing swabs twice a week) who did my COVID test she they only have to go up half-way in the nose, so it’s not as uncomfortable.

My surgeon’s office was also looking for my MRI DVD so I went into their office, which is connected to the hospital, and dropped that off.

And now, we wait. I can’t say I don’t have Christmas Eve Eve anxiousness. I’m anxious for sure. I just want to get this show on the road. I don’t want to think about the what-ifs any longer.

A friend is having surgery in the near future and she indicated that her children were very nervous for her. Mine, not so much. It seems like our response to my surgery is to downplay it. Not to mention, they have seen my mom go through it.

To help them feel a sense of control, they all have little jobs to do to help out. I’m not sure, but that ight be helping their anxiety a little bit.

So, that’s that. My next post will be post-surgery. You can always check my Instagram or Facebook for updates as we go. T-42 hours. Let’s roll.