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Strawberry pies for everyone

PICT0332While we were in Florida in March, my grandma made a strawberry pie and it was amazing. I’ve been drooling over it ever since. Once we picked our strawberries, dreams of strawberry pies began dancing in my head.

I called my grandma to get her exact recipe, but honestly, it had too much sugar in it for me. So, I looked at some recipes online and then winged it.

I started by cutting the tops off of all of the strawberries, just like I did with all the other things I’ve made from this batch of berries. I also slider them into pretty small slices. Using a strainer I cleaned them really well and set them to the side. In the meantime, I made some strawberry Jello. I used no-sugar added Jello. It does have a bit of an aftertaste, yes, but that’s sugar free anything for you.

Once the Jello was cooled, I dumped the strawberry slices into the Jello and put the whole thing into the fridge to gel. i was impatient! I kept checking and checking for it to start to congeal so that I could have a bite of the tasty pie.

While I was waiting, I baked the crust. I made it super easy on myself and bought a frozen pie crust that I just had to put into the pie pan. I used a glass pie pan for this pie. I baked the pie crust according t the directions and then let it cool.

Just about the time the pie crust cooled, the strawberry/Jello mixture was coming to a nice solid state, but not too thorough, so I added it to the shell and put the pie in the fridge.

We had dinner, cleaned up and then I sliced into the pie. It was awesome! It’s not as amazing as when my grandma made it, but definitely satisfied my strawberry pie craving for far fewer calories.