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We be strawberry jammin’

Strawberry freezer jam is made and chilling in our deep freezer.

One of my goals with all the strawberries was to make freezer jam. Last time I made it, two years ago, it was far too sugary. The recipe called for a lot of sugar and that didn’t really make for such a healthy snack, in my opinion, so I decided to lessen the sugar and try to get things a little more on the light side.

After picking the berries, I stopped by Kroger for some Sure-Jell no sugar necessary fruit pectin. I should have read the recipes first because I wasn’t thrilled with the situation. I could add sugar (lots), can them with no sugar or use Splenda. Not really what I wanted, so I decided to adapt my own recipe. It tasted pretty good. The jars are in the freezer now and hopefully it will be great when we open it up to spread it on our toast, PB&Js and other goodies.

I cut the tops off of the strawberries, just like I did for my frozen berries in a bag. I put them into the food processor and pulsed them for just a few seconds. I wanted the jam to be a little chunky, so I didn’t liquify them or anything.

Once the strawberries were creamy, I added the pectin packet and 3/4 cup of Splenda. I mixed it up really well and put the goodness into jars. I used two types of jars. The jam-sized Ball canning jars. I picked up some new lids and rings, but these were the same jars that I used several years ago to make strawberry freezer jam. I also used two of the plastic Ball containers from the cherry jam I made last summer. They seal and are made for freezer jams. I came across them when I was working on a story for another website. I was compensated for a review about them, but I do like them. They do a great job without the freezer burn.

We’re in the middle of a jar from the last batch of cherry jam so we probably won’t use this for a bit, but I can’t wait to have a taste of my somewhat healthier strawberry jam.