Starting out

This blog has haunted me since I picked out the name of it several months ago. I knew I wanted a place to share my thoughts. You see, I have a lot of them. Sometimes they swirl around in my head and make me feel nearly crazy until I figure out a way to word vomit all over my husband about things that don’t even make sense to me. That it where this blog comes in. It’s my way of cyber-vomiting.

In early March, The Nerdy Teacher came to do a small professional development session for the employees where I work. He talked about blogs, how to get started and how to use them to enhance the place in which they work.

Little background, I know about blogs. I know about social media. I also know The Nerdy Teacher from hearing him speak before and starting up a virtually friendship. We communicate through Twitter semi-regularly and I’m a fan of his work.

So here I was, listening to him talk about blogs on a day when I was feeling really agitated. There weren’t words, but there was a feeling deep down that I needed to write, but about what? My inability to describe how I felt? The fact that I have a degree in journalism, but couldn’t put words on something? I have not one topic that I felt I needed to share, just a desire to write.

During the blogging session, I tweeted about how I felt. The Nerdy Teacher responded, after the session of course, that I should blog about what I’m passionate about. Who’d want to read about my kids? And my husband? Well, I love him, but that doesn’t mean everyone would want to read about that. While I consider myself creative in my career, I do not consider myself an expert. I could never tell people how to do a job similar to mine.

But I still feel like I have things to say.

I have no defined topic or area. It’s probably the biggest no-no in blogging. This blog is an experiment. It’s my outlet for my thoughts, but I’m inviting you into it. Everyday, like my life, might be different. There might be pictures. There might be video. There might be long periods where I have nothing to write about. It is about finding my blog. I hope some of you will stick around to be part of me finding my voice, finding my words and exploring all of my passions.

Here we go.

2 thoughts on “Starting out

  1. I feel you! I’m in the same boat – I know the “right” way to do it, but that’s just not me. Personally, I think lots of sporadic randomness can be fun and keep readers coming back for more. You’re a fab writer, so build it and they will come.

    Love the blog name, by the way 😉

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