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Who needs sparklers when you have bubbles

I remember the days of Fourth of July as a kid. Our parents handed us sparklers and let us run around like crazy making designs in the air. Somewhere along the line someone would drop one, someone else would step on it and suddenly all the fun turned into a big, festering, nasty burn. Now I’m rethinking my plans for sprinklers.

I was so excited to buy sparklers for my girls this year! I thought they were awesome as a kid, but once the memories of grabbing one of those hit little buggers on accident reentered my brain, I soon decided that not only was it probably a bad idea, but my girls would probably be afraid of the little sparks coming off the stick anyway.

But who needs sparklers when you can make giant, colorful trails of bubbles?

I put together some bubble blowers for my kids, tried them out and I’m certain I’ll be packing them for some Fourth of July fun on our upcoming holiday camping trip.

These bubble blowers were super simple to make.

Sock Bubbles
Sock Bubbles

Just like the pictures show, take an old pop or water bottle and cut off the end. Save the side with the mouthpiece. Slide a sock over the end of it. I happened to have some of those annoying shorty socks. I hate them. They always slide down into my shoe. So I used those. I secure it to the end of the bottle with some masking tape.

I filled a shallow bowl with some dish soap and took the kids outside. Dip the sock end of the bubble blower into the dish soap solution, put your mouth to the mouthpiece and BLOW! The end result is a huge trail of bubbles!

I saw some websites that encouraged adding food coloring to the dish soap for some flare. You can go ahead and do that, but food color stains clothes and that’s not happening in my house. Especially because after they were done blowing bubbles, my girls used the sock end to spread dish soap all over their little picnic table to clean it. Can you imagine if there was food coloring in that?

Instead of encouraging them to clean, I would have been freaking out.

So on Wednesday, as we are celebrating the freedom that we love, I’ll hand my girls these bubble blowers (maybe with some food coloring) and let them go to town. I won’t have to worry about burns, poked out eye balls or clothing catching on fire.

I’ll celebrate that!