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So my physical didn’t go as well as I expected

Have you ever seen this meme? I know I’ve used it before. And last week, it was used on me. By my doctor. So…yeah, serious.

I scheduled a physical because I’m doing the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk next week and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t grossly missing something that might prohibit me from walking. My doctor deemed me mostly healthy pending some bloodwork. Well, that came back Friday and that’s when I got it. The period.

My cholesterol is too high. Period. End of Story.

I have to change the way I eat and the amount of exercise I get. Period. End of story.

I’ve used pregnancy and nursing as an excuse to be lax on watching what I eat and how much I exercise. In reality, those things really should have given me more reason to eat healthy and get some activity into my life. I know I’m out of shape. I know I’m a few pounds too heavy. I know I have some really unhealthy tendencies. You know, like eating cereal in the middle of the night, napping instead of working out and indulging in a little wine every now and then.

I’ve always said “Well, when I hit this weight, I’ll eat a healthier diet.” Or “When I’m done with the 3 Day walk, I’ll change my workout plan.” Well, that day has come and neither one of those things was the motivator. It was the information from my doctor. The period. The “you’ve doubled your chances of a heart attack” statement. Period. End of story.

So I’m back on MyFitnessPal, logging calories. You can join me at RebeccaTheMama.
I’m planning meals that are more healthy than my previous choices. I’m trying to cut down on my snacking.

This is going to be hard.


End of story.



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  1. If you have a vegetarian diet you could drop your cholesterol faster. Mine dropped 20 points doing a vegetarian diet for a year.

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