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Snowflake wreath lights the winter air

I found this really cute wreath on Pinterest.

I had tulle and I had some snowflakes, but there was something about it that I just wasn’t….loving.

Then I found this.

I liked the idea of this one so I decided to combine the two into a snowflake wreath to fancy up the front door for the Michigan winter.

Using about five yards of tulle that I had leftover from another project and a white styrofoam wreath, I started my out into uncharted waters.

I cut each piece of tulle to about 24 inches. In retrospect, this was way too long, but trimming it afterward was easy and it did make it easy to work with the material.

I took each piece of tulle, folded it in half and then wrapped the long edge around the wreath and back through the hole, pulling it tight to make sure the tulle stood strong.

This image isn’t my own, but it gives you a idea of what I did.

This process went so quickly. I kept pushing each strand close together to hide the white wreath form. I trimmed all of the fringe pieces to make sure they were all the same length and also not too long. Once the entire wreath was covered, I used some glittery snowflakes I found at Hobby Lobby to add the snowy look. I just used some of the leftover tulle, weaved it through the snowflake and then tied it to the wreath form.

For an added effect, I took some white battery operated Christmas lights and weaved them through the tulle from behind the wreath. I tied the battery pack to the back of the wreath with some extra tulle as well.

I gave it to my mom for her birthday and I didn’t take a ton of pictures while I was creating it, but this is what it looks like hanging on her front door!

4 thoughts on “Snowflake wreath lights the winter air

  1. The one with the letters isn’t mine, but I would assume you could hot glue them OR (and this is how I would do it) you could use a staple gun and put a staple in the letter and then thread tulle through it and tie it on the backside. That would make changing the words out the easiest.

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