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SnapShotDot holds just about anything

SnapShotDot provides a cute and funky way to display just about anything.
SnapShotDot provides a cute and funky way to display just about anything.

The SnapShotDot is already on my stocker-stuffer list for, well, just about anyone. The little dot holds just about anything, from photos to cards to CDs and DVDs.

I saw this little do-dad on and I thought it would be perfect for working moms like me who want to put photos on their desk, but don’t want to clutter it up with bulky frames. So I e-mailed Anklopf, the company that sells them, and they sent one out to me. It arrived and I realized how many things this little dot could do.

First of all, you can use it to hold photos, that’s obvious. It can hold one or several pictures. But there are so many more uses.

The website shows the dots holding to-do lists, photos, CDs and DVD on a desk and place-cards, and it’s actually a great idea for a wedding favor. I also used it to hold recipe cards while I was cooking, paperwork that I needed to remember to stick in my daughter’s back-pack, mail waiting for my husband and some greeting cards that arrived and I wanted to display.  This thing might even be great for holding tickets, brochures or gift cards for auctions, raffles and giveaways–as well as taking photos of those items.

The SnapShotDot held everything firmly in place. Everything that was printed on mostly firm paper stood up for the display. And, the best part, it’s washable. I dropped mine on the floor and, being that it’s rubber, all of the Newfoundland’s hair just clung to it. That, and the dirt I hadn’t swept up in a bit. I just rinsed it off in the sink, dried it and put the photos, recipes, cards back inside of it.

The SnapShotDot is on my list of best stocking-stuffers for 2012.
The SnapShotDot is on my list of best stocking-stuffers for 2012.

There is not enhancement I thing would be really neat–a suction cup on the bottom. With the suction cup, you could stick it to certain surfaces and at odd angles. Although, it probably wouldn’t hold the item to be displayed because the groove isn’t really deep enough for that, but I thought it might be cool.

At a price of $12 for a five-pack, the SnapShotDot is affordable and great for small gifts or, like I plan to use them, as stocking-stuffers. The SnapShotDot comes in black, green, blue, white and transparent (oooh, transparent), or you can order the five-pack with one of each. Photojojo has them $12 for 5 or two five-packs for $20. Open the packs up and divide them among your friends.

Now the fine print: I was in no way shape or form compensated for this post. I was provided with a SnapShotDot for review purposes. 

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