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Six years of wedded bliss

Wedding proofs184Six years ago, we stood up before our family and friends and vowed to be together forever. Six years. It’s by far the longest relationship I’ve had and while six years isn’t that impressive, we have managed to impress me.

Given our differences it’s hard to believe we got together in the first place. We are almost completely opposite, but maybe that is what balances us out. I’m scheduled and efficient, he’s go with the flow. I’m not one to display my affection publicly, he’d show me he loved me anytime anywhere. I’m realistic, he’s idealistic. But our oppositions work to our advantage and here we are.

Number six was celebrated with a mid-day trip to the movies to see “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” a trip to Sam’s Club to load on on bulk items and then a dinner at a Japanese steakhouse. The kids spent the afternoon with their aunt and uncle, having just as much fun.

We always try to mark the day in a way that’s just for us.

Our first anniversary is still a little surreal. We had a baby two weeks before and we were leaving her alone for the first time with my parents. (Thank goodness they didn’t put her in a roaster in the oven….even as a joke.) We went to see “Fred Claus,” grabbed batteries for my breast pump and then headed to Carrabba’s for dinner, where a glass of sweet, sweet wine had never tasted so great.

Year two we were a little more comfortable leaving the kidlet home. My parents watched her once again so my husband and I could go camping. We went to a local town. We spent the days shopping and the nights at the campground’s indoor pool, watching movies and hanging out together. We even went to one of our favorite restaurants for all of our favorite side dishes and then made our own steak on our grill and had a great dinner.

Year three we had another baby, but she was a bit older. Getting away for a dinner wasn’t impossible so we did.

Year four was a night in the hotel we stayed at after our reception. We checked in, watched several hours of Swamp People, ordered a pizza, and chilled in the jacuzzi while watching movies.

And of course, year five’s celebration was spent aboard the Norwegian Sun in the Caribbean. More specifically, our anniversary was spent on the private island, followed by dinner in the French restaurant on board where we ate way too much food and were sang to by the waitstaff. It was amazing.

We hope that every year can be a day that we hold just for us. It should be. It’s our holiday and we are the only ones celebrating.