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I was recently trying to clean up and reorganize some parts of our basement. I was overwhelmed by the amount of toys the kids had and I was a bit crazed at the idea of finding order among the chaos. I kept reminding myself just to put the next thing away. It was just one more thing to put away, not piles and piles of it.

It was the same way when I did the 3-Day walk. Just one more step.

Or when I am doing laundry. Just one more load.

Taking it just one thing at a time simplifies the chaos and reminds me that it’s not as hard as I’m making it in my head.

When a friend took a Facebook pole asking others for their “theme words” for the year, I immediately knew what mine needed to be.


Find a way to simplify the mess in my life. The chaos, the craziness, the whole beautiful mess that sometimes becomes way too much. Break it down, take it minute-by-minute or step-by-step or load of laundry-by-load of laundry or one feeling-by-one feeling.

Find the simplest ways to get things done and go that route.

Look at each day with simplicity. Don’t expect too much.


That’s my word of the year.