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A simple table

This weekend, while celebrating Mother’s Day with my family, my sister-in-law mentioned that Pinterest causes depression because people are learning their lives aren’t as perfect as the lives of others. We were browsing through some pictures on my boards and I showed her the ones I’ve tried and the ones I plan to try in the coming week. She was shocked that I had tried so many that weren’t recipes.

For Mother’s Day, even my husband tried one.

Inspiration my husband used for my Mother's Day gift.

Months ago, I showed him the picture at the right. A table made of pallets. I told him it might be nice to have a little table out there, aside from our patio table.

The week leading up to Mother’s Day, I asked him repeatedly if he planned to get me a gift or if I should buy myself something¬†frivolous¬†or what. He gave no indication but finally conceded that he would do something.

On Friday, I left for Joann Fabrics after he told me I was “crabby and needed to get out of the house for a while.” I had to return home shortly after I left for something I forgot and I noticed the garage was open. I knew he was working on something because he came from the backyard.


Had he gotten me a canopy for our patio?

Was he building me something?

Was he painting the cabinets for our bedroom?

Later he told me I couldn’t go in the backyard at all the next day, but I had plans to work in the garden so he decided to give me my Mother’s Day gift a bit early.

A table! For our patio!

My new table!

It’s over there on the right–> It’s he handy to have around?
It’s not on casters, but that’s fine because our patio is sort of uneven and we won’t move it. He also grab that big box on the left side, but I’ll touch on that when the project is more complete. It’s rounding out my patio nicely.

Now, do I use my umbrella for shade or spring for a canopy?