National Letter Writing Month

Sharing your dreams-National Letter Writing Week

Samson and I were returning from a walk. As we approached our front door, Samson yelped and lunged back toward me.

“What in the world,” I asked, as I looked around for whatever had startled my dog.

It was dark so I couldn’t see well. What had just happened? I thought I saw something move, but whatever it was had disappeared into a hole next to the porch.

I went inside with him, looked for any signs of puncture wounds and said to Jacob, “That was weird. It was almost like something bit him.”

Our family had plans that night, so I wasn’t able to track down the source of the “attack,” so I went to our room to get dressed and trusted we’d figure it out later.

After a night downtown, watching boats, walking along the riverside and eating dinner with the kids, we returned home. As we were arriving at our house, I saw it. There was no mistaking what it was–an aqua croc.

I watched as it made it’s way across the street and slither down into another hole. Not wanting to alarm the children, I waited until we were inside and the kids were safely in their beds. I came down to the living room to tell my husband about the aqua croc and he had his phone flashlight on, shining it at a giant spider on the wall.

“Do you see that? It’s huge and disgusting,” he said.

“That’s nothing, did you see the aqua croc that’s living in the hole by the porch? I think it bit Samson during our walk tonight,” I replied.

“Yes, we really have to get that taken care of,” he said.

And then, I woke up.

My first thought was “what the heck is an aqua croc?”

aqua croc?

Sharing my dreams

I’ve started on some new medicine lately and felt horrible yesterday. I assumed it was from the medication, but maybe I was fighting something off. At any rate, I have a friend who was interested in how things were going with the new medication, so I sent her a message this morning.

“OK. Last night was a bit better. But I had the strangest dreams. We had an ‘aqua croc’ (that’s what I called it in my dream) living in a hole by our porch. It was a small alligator?” I said, mostly as a question.

aqua croc?

I told her my night was filled with random dreams like that, but I woke up better today. I wasn’t overly exhausted and I even had time to work out before I started my work for the day.

She works overnights so she didn’t respond until later this afternoon.

“I love strange dreams! Write a story about it and publish!!!” she said.

While that would never happen, I told her I’d blog about it. I’ve had some really, really funky dreams. I could honestly write a book of short stories from just one night’s worth of dreams. Sometimes, I wake up physically exhausted from the dreams I’ve had.

But don’t get the wrong idea. They aren’t all weird. They don’t all contain aqua crocs. One day last week, I was at a movie theatre and randomly gave birth. Some friends were there, but they were high up and I couldn’t talk to them. I had the baby and the hospital said, “just go home because you are safer there.” My mom called for an update and information about her newest grandchild and my response was, “We know nothing because she wasn’t born in a place with a scale. We also can’t name her because we’ve used up all the girls names.”

Maybe we used up the girl names with our three daughters? Who knows.


People like weird dreams

I hate sci-fi or fantasy anything. It’s just not my thing. I can’t get into it because it’s so far fetched, like my stupid dreams. So no, I wouldn’t want to read about my own weird dreams, but others do. Like I’ve shared my dream with my friend and she wanted me to share more, there are others out there who want to know what you were thinking about while you were sleeping.

I wonder what she’s dreaming about.

So, have you thought about a friend in your dreams? Have you reunited with a long lost toy? Had any random babies in a movie theatre? Maybe one of your friends would find it funny, amusing or downright thrilling. Write it out. Send it to them in a letter.

And actually, now I’m kinda interested in your dream.