Eliminating the Unnecessary Self Improvement

Resuming the Regular

ResolutionsToday I head back to work after 12 days away from my office. It’s been the best and a very -much needed break from everything.

When the vacation first started, I was actually depressed about it. I know how my vacations go. I spend the entire time completing some chores thinking that I will do what I want to do (read, write, watch movies) when all the necessary stuff is completed. Then I keep finding things that “need” to be done or places we “need” to go and I never get to doing what I actually WANT to do.

Not this time.

I cleaned like a crazy person the first day of my vacation and thought I wouldn’t have to clean at all for the next week.

I know, funny, right?

But after Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I decided to take it a little bit at a time. Get up slowly, eat breakfast, check out my stuff online, read, whatever. Then tackle a room. The first day I worked on my older daughter’s room, then the living room, bathrooms, kitchen and finally the little girl’s room.

However, I also read most of “The Help,” organized our photo albums, played around on Pinterest and did a lot of writing.


It actually taught me a lot about life and the way I have been handling thing. Well, that and my crabby mood before the holidays. Combine the two and I came up with my New Years Resolution.

Eliminate the unnecessary.

You’ll see a little button for it in the sidebar on the right. From there, you can see everything I write about this topic in the next year. I plan to focus on everything from eliminating weight, household junk, stress and extra tasks to friends, hatred and guilt. Join me though the year as I work through it and chime in to help me reach my goals and I’ll support you in your efforts, so please, share the in the comments section below!