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Replies and Response

Southwest Airlines

Last Wednesday, for my Wordful Wednesday Post, I wrote about overcoming my fear of flying and two amazing pilots who got me from Detroit to Baltimore and finally to Manchester. Shortly after I posted my story, I got a response from Southwest Airlines.


Hi Rebecca,

My name is Whitney, and I work as a Customer Advocacy and Communications Specialist at Southwest Airlines. I saw a link to your blog while monitoring our Twitter page, and was thrilled to hear the below story about our Pilots! Thanks so much for sharing.

We’d LUV to reach out to our pilots as well, and offer our gratitude. Could you please send me your confirmation number and/or flight number so I can research who specifically Tim and Tom are?

Thanks again for sharing. It’s always great to hear stories about how our Employees are serving our Customers.


Whitney Bartels
Southwest Airlines
Social Media and Customer Advocacy Specialist
214.792.4211 Follow me: @Southwestwhit

I responded with my information and told her that I would be really grateful if she could pass along my thanks. I didn’t hear back from her after that, but I’m assuming the praise got to the right parties, at least I hope it did.

First of all, it’s great to be praised at your job. A lot of times, all we hear is the criticism. I’m a writer. I always hear things like “you spelled that wrong” or “I wish you would have written it this way,” or whatever. It’s never ending. It’s rare to hear the positive stuff, though it does happen.

Second, I’m not sure how many pilots actually get praise like this. Passengers are always mad about delayed flights, sitting on the runway, bumpy flights, no drinks on-board, whatever. They are just so excited to get off the flight that they probably just breeze past the pilots. But really, they got us where we need to go, they deserve our gratitude. I’m glad i made it there in one piece, that’s for sure.

So to the pilots Tim and Tom, thanks again. I hope you got a pat on the back for your customer service. I actually hope they gave you a bonus or at least a cup of coffee, but if that didn’t happen, you have my undying gratitude.

To all my readers out there: just a note that there are lots of opportunities to complain, but also a lot of opportunities to praise those who are doing great work around you. Take the time to call them out.