Family Parenting

Recovering from the sick

I liked my little theme week so much last week that I decided to continue it. I focused on my cleaning routine, exercise routine, daily routine, food routine and my outgrown-kid-clothes-storage routine. This week, my plan is to focus on things in the bedroom. From crafts to tips, what happens in my happiest place in the house? Find out!

My kids are recovering from a nasty virus that knocked them both out with fevers, sore throats and general fatigue. Sick kids are just so much different than sick adults. They wake up, tell me they are sick and then proceed to take over my living room. I guess it’s fine, they don’t have TVs in their rooms and it’s easier for me to keep an eye on them, but it’s certainly not how I would do it. Heck no! I’d be under piles of blankets in my bed, enjoying each moment of doing nothing.

Our bed is so cozy. I love it. The sheets are always cool and soft and the suede-like duvet cover is so soft! I’d turn on the TV, even if I wasn’t watching it, and enjoy a show that doesn’t involve singing fish or dancing pigs. I get in comfy clothes. I’d also shut my door.

Oh to have choices when you are sick.

Instead I’ll close my door only to have little hands knocking on it yelling “mommy! what you doing?”  I’d get curled up in my bed and a kid comes in and wants to “snuggle,” which is actual code for taking over the TV and asking repeatedly if they can touch my Kindle.

I guess it’s the life of a mom, because I can remember doing that to my mom. I can remember wanting to be on the couch so badly when I was sick as a kid that nothing would stop me from getting there. Not fainting, not vomiting, not a fever making me delusional.


So today, while I have what the kids have, I’m at work, because at least here I can get some rest. 🙂