Rainbow heart card from Jennifer Maker

When it comes to finding tutorials online, I seem to always end up at the same few websites. This was no exception. I wanted to find a pop-up card to mail to my niece for her birthday. We were in the beginning stages of the COVID-19 quarantine and sending cards is my thing. I wanted this one to be really neat.

I searched for pop-up cards and kept coming back to this one. It was really easy to make. It could have been done by hand, but I opted to use my Silhouette Cameo 4 to cut the pieces.

I have come across other Jennifer Maker designs. To use them, you go to her website, sign up and get an access code to get the templates needed to complete the process. There are detailed directions and everything goes really. And the ones I use are free.

Jennifer Maker has several ideas for using the cards….and I wanted to do all of them!

  • Make it in shades of red for Valentine’s Day
  • Make it in green for St. Patrick’s Day (the hearts look like four leaf clovers when opened up)
  • Write notes on the opened hearts for your loved one
  • Create a mini photo album with it by putting small pictures inside each heart piece

In this instance, I opted for the rainbow hearts because she was turning and 5 and note and a photo album are probably not her thing.

Here are some pictures of how my card came out.

This rainbow heart card was colorful and easy to make.
I used my Silhouette sketch pens to write “Happy 5th Birthday! We hope it’s filled with rainbows and unicorns.”

I make a lot of things, and I put time and effort into crafting it, but honestly, I pick easy things. These are just hearts glued together to form a rainbow.

Check out the original post from Jennifer Maker’s website, Make a Pop-Up Heart Rainbow Card.

Heart rainbow card Pintrest graphic from Jennifer Maker.