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Preparing for reentry–Life after vacation

IMG_1745This is my favorite picture from our spring break vacation in Charelston. It sums it up.

Sun. Smiles. Happy. Ocean. Beach. Waves. Love.

Our schedule was way off. We stayed up too late roasting marshmallows and watching movies piled in our queen-sized bed in the camper. We slept in. We didn’t nap. We played at the beach until late in the afternoon and then ate dinner as the sun was setting.

Then we made a 16-hour drive home last almost 30 hours.

Now we are preparing for life after vacation.

To say getting up with the 6 a.m. alarm tomorrow is going to be tough is an understatement.

And I’m guessing that sitting at a desk, in class, at work, whatever, is going to be a major letdown after spending our time bike riding and sightseeing. Will recess even compare to the thrill of finding real, live starfish in a real, live ocean?

Life is certainly going to shock us all back into reality tomorrow.

But we’ll find our stride again. We’ll find joy in the day-to-day. We will laugh about the funny things that happened on the trip. We will remember how tasty the marshmallows were fresh from the fire.

At some point, we’ll do it again. Just the five of us packed in that camper, yet happy as clams. Or a five-year-old flying a kite on the beach.