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Pregnancy Update: Comparing bellies

Half way babiesAs I mentioned before, it really seems like you grow a lot faster with each pregnancy. While I feel great, I am getting huge quickly. I squeezed myself into non-maternity clothes for several weeks past when I should have, but I have finally taken the plunge. When I look at pictures from my other pregnancies, I worry I might be having a toddler.

My three-year-old wants a brother. My five-year-old is hoping for a penguin and I’m just hoping for something under 8 lbs.

Saturday, we are learning the gender of the butterball in my belly. I feel so much pressure to have a boy. I realize it’s not up to me or my husband but God. The gender has been determined. It’s already growing the appropriate…parts.

We know this will be out last. Or well, I know this will be out last baby. However, we’re already getting questions about whether or not this is for sure the last one. “Why,” I want to ask. “Why aren’t you satisfied?” They always respond with the “Well, doesn’t your husband want a boy?” No! He’s blessed with two little girls and maybe another. They love him. They adore him. He couldn’t care less if he has another girl…or a penguin for that matter.

We didn’t know the gender of our girls prior to their birth. This is the first time we will have this experience. Just for giggles, I plan to do something of the DIY gender prediction tests at home. So let’s see what happens.

I wonder if they can predict if it’s a penguin. Or, a giant baby.