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Post-cruise weigh-in doesn’t cause nightmares

This was breakfast almost every single morning of our cruise.

Breakfast almost always consisted of eggs, sausage or bacon, French toast and loads of real butter.

What can I say? I love breakfast food. It’s actually shocking that coming back to reality, I only gained 3.5 pounds. That is actually a miracle given how we ate on the ship.

The Norwegian Cruise Line boasts the Freestyle Cruising option, which gives you plenty of ways to eat, from buffets to pizza delivery to upscale dining. And believe me, we took part in all of it.

Breakfast was always my heaviest meal. I’d actually love for it to be that way every day, i just don’t have time. On the cruise, we always budgeted time for breakfast because it was the start to our day. That day might include swimming with sea lions, kayaking or snorkling or even just hanging out on the pool deck, but whatever it was, we wanted to be able to get through the bulk of the day on that first meal.

Considering our meals were free on the ship, we didn’t want to have to head back for lunch on the boat. On our excursion days, we ate heavy and tried to make it through for a late lunch or early dinner.

Lunch generally consisted of a burger for me and a salad or some fruit. My husband opted for a burger or a hot dog, some rice or noodles and a salad too. I tried to keep lunch pretty simple. I think one day I had a sandwich and soup.

Dinner was a three-course event. We ate most of our dinners in either the Seven Seas or Four Seasons dining rooms because they were included with the cruise. The menu for those restaurants changed up daily, but there were starters, entrees and desserts. And I was a sucker for at least two, sometimes three if there was a soup available in the starter section.

My next problem? I didn’t work out hardly at all. After a day or kayaking or walking or swimming or napping, I was just too tired to think about running, power-walking or lifting weights.

That means I now have to fight my already hard-to-lose weight plus an additional 3 lbs. In the next few weeks I’ll be attempting to come up with a new exercise routine that makes me feel in control but doesn’t take up every day and make me feel like I HAVE to do it. We all know the have-tos are always outweighed by the want-tos.

So what are your post-cruise diet and exercise routines? What suggestions do you have for staying healthy on a cruise and not losing so much ground?