Family Finding My Vacation Travel

Packed up and ready to ship out

FedEx got the toys to grandma's house.

Our trip to Florida was to visit my grandparents. I immediately knew if it rained, was too hot or was dark out early, we were going to have some bored kids. I knew I couldn’t fit Hi-Ho Cherry-Oh or puzzles and Barbies into my checked bag and I didn’t want to risk overcrowding our carry-on bags. So my husband came up with a pretty in-expensive way to handle this problem. We shipped them to my grandparents about a week in advance of our trip.

With the high cost of extra bags on the Spirit flights, or most any airline for that matter, we knew a second suitcase was not an option. Being that the overhead bins were $45 if you paid at the gate, we didn’t want to overload the carry-on bags with toys and then be screwed into paying that ridiculous price. So my husband brought him a decent-sized box from work and I packed it up with lots of stuff we might need.

Barbies, cars, chalk, coloring books and crayons, life-jackets for the pool and even their magnet board made the journey via FedEx to my grandparents porch in advance of our arrival. All of $18.

We considered using the USPS Flat Rate boxes, which I use quite frequently to send care-packages to my sisters-in-law in college, but the largest box was $15.45 and it didn’t even hold one life jacket. The Fed Ex box was a much better option.

He sent it standard ground and it made it to their house in three days…even arriving on a Saturday.

Going home was slightly different. My grandparents live up here in the summer time, so because they were going to be making the drive, our box(es) hitched a ride. And yes, there was more than one coming back! My girls picked up some┬ásouvenirs, as did I, and we packed them up. The only downside is that my grandparents didn’t really know when they were coming back, so I did have to wait. And honestly, I’ve already forgotten what was in the box!