Pack and Plays to Nap Mats

My baby girl made a huge leap at day care today. She is no longer sleeping in her pack and play, but has joined the big kids on a nap mat next to her older sister.

My kids go to an in-home day care, which is a really great fit for us. At 18 months, the kids are legally eligible to move to a nap mat, but my littlest girlie was just not ready. She was a distracted sleeper and not very consistent. I figured she’d sleep in the pack and play in another room for the rest of her day care career, but for whatever reason, the caregiver thought today was the day.

Sleeping baby
Nap mats mean my baby is growing up.

She put her on a nap mat next to her sister and in the room with the other kids. My babe lay there for a while stiff as a board not really sure what was going on. I was told she looked around a little bit at the other kids, but then she slept great. She woke up sweaty and happy for her big girl nap.

I became pregnant shortly after my oldest daughter turned one, so we were really never out of the infant stage. My youngest seems more helpless, probably because there isn’t a sibling coming up behind her with us pushing her along to grow up a little. I know I treat her different, I mean, who knows if she’ll be my last. I don’t mind that she stays little. I don’t mind that she needs extra cuddles or wants to stay in her crib until she’s five (not really). But this is the end of babytown over here, for right now anyway and possibly forever. She’s on a nap mat! The next thing I know she’ll be moving from her bed in my house to the bed in her own house.

It’s all happening so quickly. In two weeks, my oldest will leave her PK3 class behind and join the four-year-old class in the fall. One step closer to (gulp) kindergarten. One step closer to my “baby” moving on to preschool.

Slow DOWN!

For now I’ll go cuddle my kidlets and hope that time slows down.

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