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I wrote an article recently about a young boy who goes to our church. He has a form of Cerebral Palsey and prefers to wear Crocs accommodate his leg braces. He decided that he wanted to collect Crocs for other kids who wear leg braces and could benefit from them.

I initially posted something on our church website and then submitted it to the local synod office and the publications team decided to run it in their magazine.

What I Did This Summer

What I Did This Summer

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A few weeks after it came out, an older member of our congregation stopped by my work area.

“Congratulations on that article you wrote,” the member said.

I was a little confused because I write lots of things and I thought she meant for our website.

She held up the article.

“I know only about 10 people subscribe to this magazine, but at least they all know about this little boy now.”

I didn’t know exactly how to take that, but I’ll make a tally mark in my “Way to Go” column and move on.

The thing is, I write articles and I don’t always see them. My plan is to try to publicize my own work more this year, in hopes that all of my time and dedication to the stories I write are read by more than 10 people. Even 11 people would be great. It is, afterall, my livelihood right now.

So stay tuned…and let’s see where this thing grows—I mean goes.